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NEVER FORGET* in politics, as in life, there are consequences to both your actions and inactions. if there was one thing that bothered me about the women’s march last year was the fact that many of the women who participated in the march didn’t support what would’ve been the first female president by casting a vote for Hillary Clinton, or didn’t bother to participate in voting at all. I thought that those particular women were either shortsighted, or hypocritical. Had they supported the female candidate, the march wouldn’t have been need. Not that I’m saying that strides don’t still need to be taken towards women’s equality and reproductive rights aren’t needed, but with a woman at the helm, I do not at all think that those things would still be under fire as they have long been, and are now. #womansmarch2018  #accountability  #supportwomen  #supportequality  #supportoneanother  #hillaryclinton
In bed, awake and frustrated. Too tired to sleep. Weird, huh? I know, but it’s a thing... I started to count sheep and midway through, my stomach started growling and I began to get really hungry. Now all I can think about are lamb chops with mint jelly. 😑 #insomnia  #mrsandmanwhereareyou  #sheep  #lambchops  #4am 
Any fool who follows a fool's folly with a fanatic fervor is far more foolish than the fool he foolishly follows. Be cool. Don't be a fool. This has been a public service announcement* #ipitythefool